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Guarantee your community has a secure future when you support Don Jaquess For Congress in Arlington, Texas. A longtime resident of Texas, Don Jaquess is a dependable congressional candidate who will be a great addition to the U.S. Congressional District 6. Vote for Don to be among other congress members who strive to make a difference in your area.


Your Voice Will Be Heard

Allow Don Jaquess to give you the opportunity to voice your opinion. He plans on setting aside time to speak with you to listen to your ideas and concerns about the community or the education system. 

A Better Place for Future Generations

Your community can be a better place to live, work, and to raise a family. Spend time with family and friends in a community you helped reform. Don Jaquess is ready to apply his knowledge and skills to make your environment a safe, warm place. Support a politician who wants to know your thoughts about how to improve the current state of housing and parks in the area. Modifications to these facilities can increase the revenue and the value of our community. To guarantee our community will thrive, go to the voting polls and elect Don. 

Hear What Don Has to Say About....

JOBS AND WATER — The biggest need in this country is jobs. Texas needs water. I have a plan that will put thousands of people back to work in the next two years. My water project will bring water to the central part of the United States, including Texas, and help divert flood waters in the Midwest states. Our roads are crumbling and our bridges are falling in. We have some of the best factories in the world sitting idle. It’s time to do a complete make over in this country. There has never been a country in history that has ever lost money investing in itself. It can be done and it can be done paying a livable wage. I have always been a working man, not a politician, and building has been my entire life. It takes teamwork and common ground. We need to be Americans first and always and then party.

WOMEN'S HEALTH — As your congressman, I am committed to expanding methods by which we support women and their families. I will oppose any legislation that limits women's access to full and comprehensive healthcare. I will also defy any legislation that seeks to place limits on the full spectrum of health decisions between a woman and her physician.

OUR MILITARY AND VETERANS — As your congressman, I will work to strengthen our national security and ensure that America remains a leader around the globe by advocating democracy and peace. I am committed to both our troops and their families. Just as the men and women of our Armed Forces are committed to protecting freedom; we must support them and their families in the effort. I will advocate for an increase in educational and healthcare benefits for the active duty and veteran community, reasonable deployment cycles as well as provide support to military families with loved one presently serving abroad, by offering added assistance as they cope with new challenges, financial or otherwise. As your congressman, I am committed to working on a comprehensive approach to education.

EDUCATION — Now more than ever before, our educators are being asked to do more with less. Improving America's educational system requires recruiting and retaining the best educators and providing them with the necessary resources to prepare our nation’s greatest asset “our children” and prepare them for the future. No Child Left Behind has successfully allowed at risk students the opportunity to seek additional tutoring and transfer to better academically sound schools. Unsuccessfully, it has forced educators to "teach to the test". It has also permitted states to set their own individual standard; as a result this has caused a significant number of educational discrepancies throughout America. Finally, we need to ensure that a college education maintains attainable for middle class families. I will advocate on behalf of these families for increased funding for Pell Grants.

HEALTHCARE — Quality, affordable healthcare should be a right for all Americans and not just a privilege for the wealthy. As a father of five and a widower of a wife that suffered from serious healthcare needs, I understand that providing quality healthcare for our families is one of the challenges we face daily. I am committed to working on behalf of all Americans to improve healthcare coverage and accountability. The incentives in our system must be realigned to reward healthcare providers for the quality of care they provide, not the quantity. I will push for universal adoption of patient safety standards and support development of innovative measures to reduce medical errors. I am committed to ensuring all communities are healthier. That they consist of open spaces, walking paths and access to healthy food options. I also favor of initiatives that promote healthy food options in schools as well.